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Elementary PLO’s and Grade 10 PLO’s are similar?

Throughout my 11 years in school, section B2 of the grade 10 PLO’s has been briefly studied each and every year. Whether something as small as telling aboriginal stories on the Adventure trip, or studying aboriginal heritage in Grade 5, as soon as the topic of aboriginal and European explorers was brought up, I ultimately felt as though I had traveled back in time. In fact, in the PLO’s of.. Read More

In depth #8 – less than a month away

I distinctly remember this time last year, I had been stressed beyond belief, I didn’t even think about what I wanted to do in order to create the month of May into a month I would always remember. In TALONS, the month of May is truly the climax of the year. It’s the month that is always packed with surprised both good and bad. This time last year, I clearly.. Read More

In-Depth #6

It’s been a hectic three weeks. Spring break was last week, but with this extremely busy week, it feels like we never took a break. Before the break, I mentioned that my mentor was leaving for China for two weeks. During those two weeks, I wasn’t able to work on much. On the Friday before Grace left, I went to her house and borrowed her paints. If I were to.. Read More

In-Depth #4 – Finally getting somewhere

Last post I hinted at how frustrated I was becoming by my slow progress; however, this week has been an entirely different situation. The major difference between my progress these past two weeks, and last two weeks is my attitude and focus. Being eight weeks into the project, I finally stopped stressing about how slow I was. I’ve accepted that I really can’t work any faster and I’ve got to.. Read More

Leadership 11: The Challenges

1. How do you deal best with tension in a stressful situation? Personally, I find that the best way to deal with stress, is to take some time for yourself. You never want your stressful emotions to take over your life, therefore, breathing, analyzing, and then proactively reacting always calms the tension. 2. What should you do when you find yourself following a leader who is ineffective? How do you.. Read More

Leadership 11: Myths

1. Discuss if people need to possess the top title to achieve results and help others become productive? In certain situations, there are people out there that need that push from having a top title in order for them to achieve results. However, in most cases it is up to the leader to achieve results and motivate other to become productive no matter what position they are in. Everybody on.. Read More

The French Resoloution

Francis and I notice that things are really settling down in France right now. We’re lucky to be alive, but we’re grateful that we weren’t killed during any bread riots during this revolution, unlike so many other bakers in other villages. Almost everything in my life is back to normal; I’m living the simple life of the simple baker again. People that turned on my husband and I during the.. Read More

January 20th 1793: The Beginning of the End

Life has been hard. Why must life be hard for people who want it simple?  I’m just a sad baker living the sad life. I know that I’m not very educated, and therefore I don’t know much about politics and such, but what I do know is that this situation is very very bad. There’s been countless riots ranging from small to huge over our bread prices. The town people.. Read More

Josephin DuPoint: The baker living the dream

Hi everyone, I’m Josephine DuPoint, a proud owner of DuPoint’s Boulangerie. My husband Francis DuPoint and I live life to the fullest and own one of the finest bakery’s in our area. Francis and I enjoy our quiet town, and all our friendly neighbours. We know that life is short, so we do everything we can to live life easy and happy… that is until the king decided to raise the taxes… Read More