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In-Depth: The actual night

In depth night is right around the corner and I’m stressed out. I’m sure after these two weeks I’ll be able to calm down again, but for now, these two weeks are beyond busy. I’ve never actually been to in-depth night because last year I wasn’t able to make it, therefore, I don’t really know how the atmosphere and the whole night looks. I’ve heard it’s one of the most.. Read More

In Depth Post #6

I think these two months and the next two months, are going to be the most stressful four months I’ve ever experienced. Not only are April, May and June the most eventful three months in TALONS, but to top it off, I have a huge Piano Theory Exam in May that I need to study for in any free time I have. Doing In depth these two weeks was difficult… Read More

In Depth Post #5

It’s the first week back from Spring Break and I’ve got to say, it’s  been one of the busiest weeks of this whole school year. I ended up coming back from an 8 day trip from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on the Sunday night near midnight, and went straight to school Monday morning. I haven’t gotten much time these five days to edit many photo’s, but on a brighter note, I.. Read More

In Depth Post #4

I can honestly say that these two  weeks have been beyond busy for me, and I’m very stressed with everything going on right now, but sometime along these two stressful weeks, I’ve been able to work on in-depth. Although I may have not done as much these two weeks as I have done before, I’ve honestly tried my best to work along with my theory exam preparations and school work, and.. Read More

In-Depth #3

It’s in-depth post number three already, and I can’t believe that a month has already passed! It feels like this month has passed quite quickly, no doubt because of the hype of the Olympics. As the Olympics are ending, I’m starting to get back into my regular schedule. Over these past two weeks, I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas I want to incorporate into my photo’s but it seems.. Read More

In Depth Post #2

It has already been at least two weeks into the project, but these two weeks went by fast! Since my last blog post, I’ve been having slow progress. I tend to get the most work done during the very middle of my project. It has been a very busy two weeks, but I’m happy to say, I’ve squeezed in at least three hours of work. These two weeks have been.. Read More

In-Depth Post #1

In depth has finally started, and I can say I am quite excited. As a grade 9, I am still not sure how these next 5 months will play out, but I think this will be  my favourite project yet. I remember in September, even before this project was announced, there was lots of talk about topics. I was actually scared about what I was going to do, but as the project is near.. Read More