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Understanding Politics

As a teen that cannot particularly relate to many political narratives and understand politics as a whole, I feel as though I’ve learned a great deal these two weeks. A month ago, I didn’t understand the difference between left and right wing government or what the description of a minority and majority government was. These couple of class discussions have allowed me to view and comprehend politics in smaller categories.. Read More

Wrong and Right – Op Ed

What is considered “wrong” in the event of residential schools? Growing up, I always felt as though I had understood a great deal on aboriginal culture. After all, aboriginal culture was near the only thing we studied in the elementary socials classroom. The problem was that I never understood the darker side between the Canadian’s and Aboriginal people’s relationship. Residential schools were never brought up in all ten years of.. Read More

Elementary PLO’s and Grade 10 PLO’s are similar?

Throughout my 11 years in school, section B2 of the grade 10 PLO’s has been briefly studied each and every year. Whether something as small as telling aboriginal stories on the Adventure trip, or studying aboriginal heritage in Grade 5, as soon as the topic of aboriginal and European explorers was brought up, I ultimately felt as though I had traveled back in time. In fact, in the PLO’s of.. Read More

In depth #8 – less than a month away

I distinctly remember this time last year, I had been stressed beyond belief, I didn’t even think about what I wanted to do in order to create the month of May into a month I would always remember. In TALONS, the month of May is truly the climax of the year. It’s the month that is always packed with surprised both good and bad. This time last year, I clearly.. Read More

Socials Mid-Term

  PLO’s I consider successful: A1 Section A1 focuses on applying skills as well as critically thinking. It is typically broad in terms of skills that are practiced; however, it’s the section that our socials class has focused on the most. The section includes questioning, comparing, summarizing, drawing conclusions, and defending a position. For me, questioning was done in class and out. In class, I would typically ask Mr. Jackson.. Read More

My Final Days

Final address to my people: “It’s my final days, I can feel it. In fact, I can barely get out of bed without falling. These past couple days have consisted of me sitting on a chair and contemplating my life. Thinking back at my life, there’s only one thing I would consider fixing, and that’s no other than the rebellion. To be bluntly honest, that rebellion could’ve worked if I.. Read More

From the Jail Cell

Dear Journal, I am currently writing to you from my cold and dark jail cell. I have plenty of time to think in here so I thought maybe I could just write all those thoughts down on here. To start, I can take being thrown into battle, but being thrown into jail, that’s the last straw. It’s ridiculous that I’ve been thrown in here for 18 months. That’s 18 months.. Read More

In-Depth #6

It’s been a hectic three weeks. Spring break was last week, but with this extremely busy week, it feels like we never took a break. Before the break, I mentioned that my mentor was leaving for China for two weeks. During those two weeks, I wasn’t able to work on much. On the Friday before Grace left, I went to her house and borrowed her paints. If I were to.. Read More

In-Depth #5 – Starting and finishing

It’s the last week before Spring Break, but it’s no means of any break for me. It’s going to be a hectic Spring break in terms of going along with my painting, my Mandarin 11 class homework, and planning for a family road trip the second week of the break.  I plan to work on painting during the first week of Spring break and just relaxing stress free for the second half of.. Read More

Republic of Canada and rebellion… a work in progress

Today I had a realization. I realized that the current colonial government is horrendous in organization and disloyal in all aspects. Just last year, I became the very first mayor of Toronto. It was my greatest achievement after being expelled a total of six times by the Tory majority. I had been constantly re-elected and thrown out as if it didn’t matter. Now a year has gone by, and I’m.. Read More