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Elementary PLO’s and Grade 10 PLO’s are similar?

Throughout my 11 years in school, section B2 of the grade 10 PLO’s has been briefly studied each and every year. Whether something as small as telling aboriginal stories on the Adventure trip, or studying aboriginal heritage in Grade 5, as soon as the topic of aboriginal and European explorers was brought up, I ultimately felt as though I had traveled back in time. In fact, in the PLO’s of.. Read More

In depth #8 – less than a month away

I distinctly remember this time last year, I had been stressed beyond belief, I didn’t even think about what I wanted to do in order to create the month of May into a month I would always remember. In TALONS, the month of May is truly the climax of the year. It’s the month that is always packed with surprised both good and bad. This time last year, I clearly.. Read More