socials mid-term mindmap
socials mid-term mindmap

PLO’s I consider successful:


Section A1 focuses on applying skills as well as critically thinking. It is typically broad in terms of skills that are practiced; however, it’s the section that our socials class has focused on the most. The section includes questioning, comparing, summarizing, drawing conclusions, and defending a position. For me, questioning was done in class and out. In class, I would typically ask Mr. Jackson questions about my role play character, or anything I didn’t understand. At home, my family and I would question current events, and discuss what was being said in class. The second skill, comparing, was done in a table during class. In class, we were split into three different groups: Upper, Lower, Atlantic Canada. In these groups, we created a table on Google Docs for each group to write down significant events and people in the colony. The next day we compared and contrast these colonies in order to help our role play understanding. The third and fourth skills are very similar as drawing a conclusion is done after every lesson. A great deal of time, there were gaps in certain events of the role play. It could have been because I mostly focused on the 1837 rebellion, or it could’ve been because we didn’t discuss an event in detail during class. Whatever the reason, to completely understand my character, I had to fill in the gaps of an event by drawing very quick conclusions. To be able to defend the position of my character, I had to be able to assume what emotions my character was feeling.


Section A2 narrows in on effective researching skills and citing sources. This semester in Socials has consisted of two big research projects: Eminent and the Canadian confederation role play. Eminent was very self-taught and being able to find reliable sources was important for writing a speech and creating a learning center. In the end, the last eminent blog post was a bibliography with sources used that can be found on my blog: The Canadian Confederation role play was much like eminent as well since it was self-taught and research based. Before the role play started, our class did the CRAAP test activity to pick worthy sources to read from. The CRAAP test as well as online secondary sources were the main foundation for the role play in bringing our characters to life. During eminent, primary research sources were done through interviews. Presenting the information was done in every way possible. There was the eminent speech and learning center, audio, videos for final address’s, visual on posters, and online for blog posts. TALONS socials is very successful in this section because we are focused on self-development and creative application allowing each and every student to access information in different ways.


Section C1 is focused on the 1837 rebellion and government structure. My character was William Lyon Mackenzie, the leader of the 1837 Upper Canada rebellion, therefore, it is obvious that this section was my strong point. As for the rest of the class, I can’t tell if this section was researched as far as I did. In order for me to truly understand William Mackenzie’s character, I had to truly understand all factors, causes, and consequences of the 1837 rebellion. I also based my character’s personality on how I assumed he felt after the rebellion failed. It was hard to focus on anything else during the role play because my character was really only known for the rebellion. All my blog post journal entries are about pre-rebellion or post rebellion. Also in the section, Mr. Jackson directed a discussion on government structure. We briefly discussed the modern Canadian government, but mostly discussed how the government worked under England’s hold and during early independence.

PLO’s I feel need improvement:


Section B4 was brought up briefly during discussions and debates in role playing, but was never researched in-depth. In this section, ethnic diversity and national identity were the main focuses as well as slavery and the development of Canada’s French and English. During the role play, there were indirect sections brought up about slavery and the Durham Report; however, these topics were researched further depending on the character that a student portrayed. For me, these two topics weren’t studied greatly as my character didn’t have much of an opinion on either of these topics. On the other hand, the section on Canada and American relationship was successful for me. I did a blog post on The War of 1812, therefore, I could at least have a basic understanding in regards to the history between the two countries and additionally developing better understanding to portray life in the states for William Lyon Mackenzie used for my blog posts. As for immigration influences, there wasn’t a great deal of information brought up during discussions or during any of the role plays. My assumption is that we will continue to tie this section into socials further down in the course of this year.


Section B3 is primarily focuses on immigration, particularly on Asian immigration, with occasional attention to Irish and English immigration as well. In the morning TALONS class, there was not any discussion on the Irish potato famine; however, my sister was Pat Whelan and we read a couple online sources on the subject for her blog posts. There was little discussion or lesson taught about the Canadian immigration policy or Chinese head tax. As for Chinese immigration, it makes sense that we haven’t studied it yet since we’ve only done eminent and the Confederation role play this semester. Nevertheless, I’m excited about this section of the PLO’s because I remember reading articles in middle school on the underground railroad and the Chinese railway workers. This section will hopefully be brought up more as we focus on a later period in Canada’s development.


Section C2 is a very large section that combines political, economical, social and geographical factors in the Confederation of Canada. This section was touched upon considerably more than the two other sections I felt needed improvement, nonetheless I felt that as a class we could’ve improved on bringing up other key events in the section such as the gold rush, trade, agricultural settlement, and the national railway. These topics will hopefully be brought up in the coming month as we study Rupert’s land and the expanding provinces and territories of Canada. On the other hand, there were key events in this section that we did touch on such as Charlottetown, Quebec, and London conferences as well as the brief lesson and readings done on the birth of Manitoba reading regarding the purchase of Rupert’s land. Fenian raids were also not brought up in morning TALONS, but I read quite a bit on the matter as my sister portrayed a character from the raids. This comes to show that morning and afternoon TALONS do tend to explore different events even though our projects are similar.

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