It’s the last week before Spring Break, but it’s no means of any break for me. It’s going to be a hectic Spring break in terms of going along with my painting, my Mandarin 11 class homework, and planning for a family road trip the second week of the break.  I plan to work on painting during the first week of Spring break and just relaxing stress free for the second half of the break. The only problem is that Grace will be away all Spring break. She is returning to China on Sunday and not returning until near the end of March. We talked about how I would be able to paint during the break without any supplies, and she suggested that I could go over tonight to her house and take one of her pallets of paints. I cannot thank her enough. This is going to help me greatly because without her letting me use paint, I would have to go out and spend potentially $50 on the right supplies. The acrylic paints and brushes that Grace uses is quite expensive, but she gets discounts for being an art teacher. Using her supplies has given me the best materials in order for me to produce my best work.

On to a much better note, these past two weeks have been great in terms of my final product. I’ve been able to finish one painting and start a second one. The first painting was relatively simple, and I seem to be getting the hang of working faster! I noticed this week that I have been trying different techniques to achieve different looks on canvas. I typically paint very soft, smooth, and blended, while Grace often loves showing brush strokes on her paintings and using very sharp contrast in colours. She taught me the techniques she uses and I’m hoping I’ll get the hang of it more. It’s just very difficult for me because I’m very picky about complete smoothness in my paints and using strong contrast is stepping out of my comfort zone.

My second painting was a painting that I actually painted over. I started painting rocks around 2 weeks ago, but it was a lot more difficult than I expected. I only finished around two rocks when I decided maybe painting this picture wouldn’t be very smart time wise. I chose another painting I could just paint over the rocks with; however, if you look at the painting below, you’ll notice the rocks not completely covered up as I haven’t painted the pears yet. I’m hoping to finish most of the pear painting by the end of this week, so I’m able to start another painting as soon as Spring break ends.

As for de Bono, I used two hats for most conversations between Grace and I. I often wore the white hat in the beginning of In-Depth when I asked Grace lots of questions to start my painting process. As time has gone on, especially now almost half way through In-Depth, I’ve mainly been wearing the green hat. The green hat is used most often for me because it’s where my creativity sprouts from. I ask Grace lots of questions about different possibilities for achieving different results while wearing my green hat.

Last week I had this conversation with Grace:

Me: Hey Grace, I’m having trouble coming up with an idea for my background colour.

Grace: Try blending dark blue into light blue and perhaps adding clouds in the back.

Me: How would I create that shade of blue though?

Grace: Try adding the cream colour to that medium blue to create the darkest shade of blue on the top.

In this conversation, I mainly wore the green hat asking for inspiration and creative ideas. I did wear the white hat as well when asking how to blend that certain shade of blue for my background.

Overall, it’s been a great two weeks. Check out my progress below…

during the first week, I painted two rocks
during the first week, I painted two rocks
Week two I am currently covering up the rocks
Week two I am currently covering up the rocks

in depth 14