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In-Depth #6

It’s been a hectic three weeks. Spring break was last week, but with this extremely busy week, it feels like we never took a break. Before the break, I mentioned that my mentor was leaving for China for two weeks. During those two weeks, I wasn’t able to work on much. On the Friday before Grace left, I went to her house and borrowed her paints. If I were to.. Read More

In-Depth #5 – Starting and finishing

It’s the last week before Spring Break, but it’s no means of any break for me. It’s going to be a hectic Spring break in terms of going along with my painting, my Mandarin 11 class homework, and planning for a family road trip the second week of the break.  I plan to work on painting during the first week of Spring break and just relaxing stress free for the second half of.. Read More

Republic of Canada and rebellion… a work in progress

Today I had a realization. I realized that the current colonial government is horrendous in organization and disloyal in all aspects. Just last year, I became the very first mayor of Toronto. It was my greatest achievement after being expelled a total of six times by the Tory majority. I had been constantly re-elected and thrown out as if it didn’t matter. Now a year has gone by, and I’m.. Read More

The War of 1812 “This campaign, fought nearly a century and a half ago against an adversary who is now the fast friend and essential ally or Canada, will repay study by anyone seeking enlightenment as to the qualities that make a great commander. ” For me, choosing a link that I could really focus on was extremely difficult. One of the reasons may be because of my lack of knowledge about the colonization.. Read More