Where have we been?

This question is definitely the broadest question that I have ever had to answer; however, I do have the idea that because this is a socials class discussion, this question must have something to do with our society’s evolution. Taking this question into my perspective, I see this question as asking where has our evolution of society been? Over the course of thousands and thousands of years, the evolution of western society has normally been broken down into the agricultural society, industrial society, information era, knowledge society, and now known as the technology era. Humans have constantly been adapting to keep up with each and every change in our fast paced expanding population.

Where are we going?

No one exactly knows where our society is headed. Being in the technology era, is there possibly another invention in the near future that can completely change life on Earth? Could there be a new era that is based off of something we haven’t even invented yet? These questions can’t completely be answered until our society has actually advanced into that era. For now, I can only assume that since technology plays such a huge role in our society today, it can only advance into the future.