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Eminent is finally done – NotN assessment

Eminent is finally done, and a complete success! A month full of worrying literally¬†disappears ¬†after a 2 minute speech. Weeks and weeks of preparation paid off all in one night. I distinctly remember watching the grade 10’s doing their speeches last year and thinking “yeah I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for that kind of performance.” Here I am, a couple days after the speech and I’m still standing.. Read More

Learning center: Success

This years learning center was actually good. That’s right my learning center was actually decent this year! Last year, I had not known what I was in for and created a mediocre trifold learning center. Starting off the process of my learning center I spent hours lying on my couch the week before the actual night planning what I really wanted my learning center to look like. While my sister.. Read More