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Eminent night is almost here, that means finalizing and finishing up all the small details in the next three days!  Here is a list of sources I used over the period of this project: A brief letter from Sadako’s mother before her death in 1998. The letter was originally in Japanese, but an un-named source translated the letter. The letter was a touching tribute that allowed you to see.. Read More

Interview – It’s the thought that counts

The eminent interview: the component of the project that always goes wrong for me. Last year I received replies about interviews in April, which was half a year too late! I can’t even express how frustrating it always is for me to try finding anyone to interview. Here is my biggest problem, Sadako’s siblings and close family have all passed away with the exception of one brother who doesn’t understand English. I couldn’t.. Read More

Document of Learning – Almost there!

Night of the Notables is coming closer and closer, and I would be lying if I said everything is going smoothly as planned. You think since I’m in grade 10 this year, I would learn from last years mistake of starting off too slow. I feel as though this year has definitely been busier than last year, and eminent has almost been last priority for a couple weeks. Now eminent.. Read More

Eminent Library Trip

Last Thursday, the TALONS gang (as I call us) took a lovely trip to SFU. Going into the trip, I was very excited to have a lovely day strolling through SFU campus, eating good Indian food, and a quiet afternoon in the library. At least that’s what I thought. I’m not really sure what I was expecting to get out of this trip, but narrowing it down I would say.. Read More