In depth night is right around the corner and I’m stressed out. I’m sure after these two weeks I’ll be able to calm down again, but for now, these two weeks are beyond busy. I’ve never actually been to in-depth night because last year I wasn’t able to make it, therefore, I don’t really know how the atmosphere and the whole night looks. I’ve heard it’s one of the most memorable events in the TALONS program, and that makes me excited, but also slightly nervous.

At first I thought that I should have a poster board with some pictures I’ve took and edited, put the pictures, stick them on the poster, and maybe take some pictures through the night. However, if I was someone passing by my learning center during the night, I wouldn’t be very interested and I’d probably end up walking right by my horrible and boring learning center. I wouldn’t even be doing anything the whole night if this happened.

My second idea would be to have a moving learning center. I think this would be really beneficial to me for a variety of reasons. I want to be able to take pictures of different learning centers during the night. If I’m stuck at one spot the whole night, I won’t be able to move around and take pictures or really interact with anyone. The moving learning center can also help because I was thinking of maybe taking pictures of people, and they could also tell me what they want edited onto the actual photo. If the lighting is really bad, I can just push my moving learning center to an area of brighter lighting and edit the photo from there. People also have the opportunity to interact with me, and I’m not in need of any electrical plugs unless I need to charge the battery of my camera, which I’ll charge before the actual event. I really feel like without a moving learning center, my learning center won’t be able to present much of my actual learning. Overall, I just hope that the night is good, and that all the hard work we’ve put into this project really pays off in the end.