I think these two months and the next two months, are going to be the most stressful four months I’ve ever experienced. Not only are April, May and June the most eventful three months in TALONS, but to top it off, I have a huge Piano Theory Exam in May that I need to study for in any free time I have. Doing In depth these two weeks was difficult. I’ve met up with my mentor a couple times for small sessions, but it feels like I’ve had close to no free time. I try to think of photo editing ideas before bed, and I’ve learned that I get my best ideas when I least expect it. I’ve also been inspired by some instagram accounts, and used some ideas but added my own twist.

I feel like Lucien and I have gotten along much better than I even expected. We always joke around, but get lots of work done at the same time. I feel that the better my relationship is with my mentor, the more successful my pictures come out. My family has also been a big help in my In-Depth so far. I always run out of ideas on what I should edit on to my photo’s, but by just talking to my friends or family, I almost always get a new idea.

Lately with my photo edits, I’ve been playing around with layers a lot. Some of the new edits I did this week didn’t turn out well because there were too many layers, and the pictures were too difficult to edit, therefore I won’t be posting them. However, the pictures that were successful took a long time. First I have to take a series of photos, background, foreground,¬† and any others. I also try to find pictures that I could add items in to make the pictures more appealing to look at.

The photo above took me a long time to make. When I mean long, I mean around an hour just for one photo. It was really hard to take photo’s of me standing in the same exact spot without moving. This photo consisted of around 10 different layers of merging and adding and merging and adding more. I thought the idea of something magical would be fun to do. To get my hair to be held up, I originally had my hand holding the hair, and took a second photo of my hands sown by my side. By erasing parts of my arms I didn’t want to see, it left the effect that my hair was standing by its self. I then added multiple layers of butterflies and I found that it would be interesting to have the butterflies in the front blurry, giving the effect that they’re too close to the lens, and the exposure turns it blurry.


The photo above I found very interesting. The picture is actually my bedroom, and I added the water effect to look like my bed was floating around in the ocean. Although this edit was easy, it has been one of my favourite edits so far.

Below are some of my other pictures from this week:

I honestly don’t know what I want to do for In-Depth night, and that worries me. I might decide to edit photo’s for people, and display all the photo’s I’ve edited. I feel like it would be best if I had a learning moving center so I could take pictures through the night, and edit if anybody wants me to. In-Depth night is only 5 weeks away, and I can’t wait.