Life has been hard. Why must life be hard for people who want it simple? ¬†I’m just a sad baker living the sad life. I know that I’m not very educated, and therefore I don’t know much about politics and such, but what I do know is that this situation is very very bad. There’s been countless riots ranging from small to huge over our bread prices. The town people even pushed Francis into the wall so hard, that he broke a rib.¬†Francis and I just cant lower our prices, how does no one understand that? We know that people are starving, we know that the prices are beyond high, but we need to survive too. It wasn’t until recently that the towns people finally turned their blame from Francis and I to the King.

There was just recent news that King Louis is scheduled to death in 24 hours. I’ll be quite honest here. At first, I wanted King Louis out. However, now that we have set news that he is charged with treason and sentenced to death, I don’t think it’s the wisest choice. I’m scared of what the outcome is going to be. What’s going to happen after he’s gone? What will the new France look like? It scares me because I’ve never lived a life different than what I know of. I just think it would be wise for more discussion and thinking before sentencing him to death in such a short amount of time.

I hope after this chaos is over, and the town people have simmered down, Francis and I can continue to make bread in our bakery, and live the simple life we always wanted to live.

The bakery of our dreams