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In-Depth: The actual night

In depth night is right around the corner and I’m stressed out. I’m sure after these two weeks I’ll be able to calm down again, but for now, these two weeks are beyond busy. I’ve never actually been to in-depth night because last year I wasn’t able to make it, therefore, I don’t really know how the atmosphere and the whole night looks. I’ve heard it’s one of the most.. Read More

The French Resoloution

Francis and I notice that things are really settling down in France right now. We’re lucky to be alive, but we’re grateful that we weren’t killed during any bread riots during this revolution, unlike so many other bakers in other villages. Almost everything in my life is back to normal; I’m living the simple life of the simple baker again. People that turned on my husband and I during the.. Read More

In Depth Post #6

I think these two months and the next two months, are going to be the most stressful four months I’ve ever experienced. Not only are April, May and June the most eventful three months in TALONS, but to top it off, I have a huge Piano Theory Exam in May that I need to study for in any free time I have. Doing In depth these two weeks was difficult… Read More

January 20th 1793: The Beginning of the End

Life has been hard. Why must life be hard for people who want it simple?  I’m just a sad baker living the sad life. I know that I’m not very educated, and therefore I don’t know much about politics and such, but what I do know is that this situation is very very bad. There’s been countless riots ranging from small to huge over our bread prices. The town people.. Read More

Josephin DuPoint: The baker living the dream

Hi everyone, I’m Josephine DuPoint, a proud owner of DuPoint’s Boulangerie. My husband Francis DuPoint and I live life to the fullest and own one of the finest bakery’s in our area. Francis and I enjoy our quiet town, and all our friendly neighbours. We know that life is short, so we do everything we can to live life easy and happy… that is until the king decided to raise the taxes… Read More

In Depth Post #5

It’s the first week back from Spring Break and I’ve got to say, it’s  been one of the busiest weeks of this whole school year. I ended up coming back from an 8 day trip from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on the Sunday night near midnight, and went straight to school Monday morning. I haven’t gotten much time these five days to edit many photo’s, but on a brighter note, I.. Read More