It’s in-depth post number three already, and I can’t believe that a month has already passed! It feels like this month has passed quite quickly, no doubt because of the hype of the Olympics. As the Olympics are ending, I’m starting to get back into my regular schedule. Over these past two weeks, I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas I want to incorporate into my photo’s but it seems like I just didn’t have enough time to work on my photo’s this week. This being said, I have continued to meet up with Lucien on the weekend and sometimes get more advice when I see him on the weekdays.  We’ve built a really great bond and get along really well. His teaching style is very laid back and he allows me to express my ideas and what I would like to do rather than him teach it all.

I  think that my progress has been really good, the only problem is that when I edit most of my photo’s, I would first edit on my iPad and then transfer the photo’s onto my computer. I noticed that the quality of the photo after I transfer to the computer is much lower than on the actual camera itself. I have also continued to use filtering, adjusting lighting, contrast, saturation, and hue. I’ve also got to learn more of the functions on certain programs I have been using as well camera functions such as learning to use the zoom ring, focusing ring, and distance scale. With my new skills, I was able to produce this picture:

hole in the eye

Creating this photo was quite challenging because I had to layer a photo of shattered glass and my original photo and blend them together. Blending the two picures together was actually really difficult because I had to soften the edges of the shattered glass to make it look like it blended on my skin. Here is the photo of the shattered glass I used:

template of hole in the eye

Here are some of the other photo’s I have produced:


tell yourself your secretsyou see right thru meCombination of two different layers

I’m so glad that my project has been coming along and I hope my next post will have even more progress!