Columbus taking away colour

When we first started this socials unit, I can honestly say that I had no idea what we were doing. The Columbus reading confused me and I wasn’t sure what to do for this media assignment, but after this week, things have finally settled down, and I finally understand the concepts.

When trying to find a way to represent my question, it actually took me quite a bit of time. I looked at different websites with different ideas, all of which that didn’t stand out to me greatly. I tried to think of different multimedia tools that not only represent the main idea of my question, but also add a bit of humour. At first I was going to make a GIF, but there was really not much to film. At around this time I was also thinking about my in-depth. Then I finally got an idea, why don’t I connect my media assignment with my in depth project? My in depth project is photo editing, and this assignment really had good connections to my main goal for in depth.

In the end, I decided on editing Christopher Columbus into a field of flowers. On the side Columbus stands, ¬†the field of ¬†flowers are black and white. On the side that Columbus doesn’t stand, the flowers are lively and bright. To me, this picture symbolizes a lot of meaning. The field of flowers symbolizes the Arawak people’s community. Of course there were problems in that community before Columbus came, but I felt that the Arawak people’s community was like a field of flowers, simple and beautiful until Columbus entered the picture. Where columbus enters, is where the field goes dark. When Columbus entered the Arawak people’s community, he turned a village of peace, and happiness, into a community at war. The sun in the picture symbolizes that even though the sun was shining, as long as Columbus and his men were in the community, the sun would shine on the dark side.

After doing some research this week on Columbus, many questions have come into my head, Why did Columbus act with so much greed? Did every explorer in Europe have the same attitude Columbus did? There were many what if questions that may never be answered. As this project goes on, I hope to be able to have a better understanding of different parts of history, to be able to discuss the events that led to our present civilization.