It has already been at least two weeks into the project, but these two weeks went by fast! Since my last blog post, I’ve been having slow progress. I tend to get the most work done during the very middle of my project. It has been a very busy two weeks, but I’m happy to say, I’ve squeezed in at least three hours of work. These two weeks have been hectic as the start of semester two is here, physics has just finished, as well as Chinese New year just ending.

Chinese New Year is quite a big deal in my family, and that means it is family party season. Family party season includes at least 6 families at one house for a potluck. I felt that these parties were the perfect opportunity to get some opinions and help on my photography. Although Lucien is my mentor, I also got some help from some of my parents friends. They taught me some basic skills including adjusting aperture, widening and shrinking the lenses of my camera, still focusing, and lighting functions.

Lucien and I  have also met up twice during the semester break. I am friends with his daughter therefore it is easy to be able to meet up with him. Lucien has a background of photography in his family. Photography isn’t his full time job, but he works with technology and was able to learn lots about photography when he was in Romania. He also has lots of equipment in his house allowing me to use different cameras and technology, getting a feel for the different kinds of camera functions. Lucien plays the role of the photographer at social events. For example, he will go around the event, taking photos and editing the photos, burning the photos onto a disc, and sharing the photos with the hosts of the event and anyone who asks for the disc. He does photography as a passion, he doesn’t do it for money.  I’ve also self-taught my-self a lot, and I am proud of my work. I’ve started using photo shop, but the program is a bit too difficult to learn on my own, so I will have to meet up with Lucien again for some help. However, I have been trying some apps on my iPad that are very similar to photo shop, but much simpler. In my opinion, the best apps for layering photos are PicMix, SuperImpose, and PicsArt and the best apps for photo filtering are Snapseed, VSCOcam, and Afterlight. These six apps helped my produce these photos:

I'm getting into the in depth spirit!
I’m getting into the in depth spirit!Add some light into your life


The picture without any editing


lighting enhancements to take an ordinary photo and add special effects
lighting enhancements to take an ordinary photo and add special effects