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In-Depth #3

It’s in-depth post number three already, and I can’t believe that a month has already passed! It feels like this month has passed quite quickly, no doubt because of the hype of the Olympics. As the Olympics are ending, I’m starting to get back into my regular schedule. Over these past two weeks, I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas I want to incorporate into my photo’s but it seems.. Read More

Document of learning

When we first started this socials unit, I can honestly say that I had no idea what we were doing. The Columbus reading confused me and I wasn’t sure what to do for this media assignment, but after this week, things have finally settled down, and I finally understand the concepts. When trying to find a way to represent my question, it actually took me quite a bit of time… Read More

In Depth Post #2

It has already been at least two weeks into the project, but these two weeks went by fast! Since my last blog post, I’ve been having slow progress. I tend to get the most work done during the very middle of my project. It has been a very busy two weeks, but I’m happy to say, I’ve squeezed in at least three hours of work. These two weeks have been.. Read More