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Learning center

When I first started creating my learning center, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. I remember drawing a whole bunch of drafts on different pieces of paper and coming out with many ugly designs. In the end, I did come up with an idea I was happy with and it’s posted  on my document of learning post. I’m very happy that in the end, my learning center actually looked better.. Read More

Night of the Notables – The actual day

Waking up the morning of Night of the Notables, I was excited, but also afraid. I know what your thinking “Why were you afraid? You’re in Grade 9”, but honestly I was afraid for the grade 10’s. That morning, I arrived at school at 8 in the morning. There was still some finishing touches to be added to my learning centre and not to mention the document of the game.. Read More


I never knew receiving an interview was so difficult! Sending out around 10 emails, and still no luck. I’m just hoping I’ll get a reply by the summer! When Eminent was announced, I still wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but to be completely honest, the project was bigger than I thought. I remember during the remembrance day long weekend, i spent a whole day literally looking all over the.. Read More

Finishing big document of learning

As time turns down, night of the notables is getting closer and closer. Starting the project in the beginning, who knew time would go by so quickly!  But as it’s almost the end, it is also the most stressful time. The class has been busy. Grade tens are slowly starting to form their own group, preparing their speeches, and the grade 9’s are trying to plan the night as well.. Read More

Library Trip

How often are high school classes allowed to leave classes to go downtown to study? Not often. Going downtown is always an exciting time whether the first time or last. The problem was, in the morning of the trip, i still wasn’t sure exactly what my purpose was going downtown. I felt that I was excited to do everything, I couldn’t pick one. I was most excited to bond with.. Read More